Presiding officer
01(1) The President shall preside at all and any Meetings of the Board.

02(1) The President shall be responsible for directing the Secretary in the creation of the agenda for all and any

General Meetings and Meetings of the Board.
(2) The President shall meet with the Executive Director prior to the creation of the agenda for any General Meeting or Meeting of the Board in order to discuss the business to be brought before the Membership or the Directors.

03(1) The President shall be an ex officio member of all and any committees of the Society.

Public relations
04(1) The President shall, in conjunction with the Station Manager, represent the Society and the Station in the media and at public events, including those events that may be undertaken by the Society.

05(1) The President shall provide direction to the Board and shall ensure that all such things as are by law or otherwise required of the Board to be done shall be done, and shall, more generally, ensure that all such things as are by law or otherwise required of the Membership to be done are done.