General duties
  1. The Treasurer shall manage the financial affairs of the Society, including, but not limited to, ensuring that
(a) the financial records of the Society are in good order;
(b) the books of the Society are current and complete and are maintained in an auditable state; and
(c) Treasurer and Station Manager must coordinate checks on financial affairs
(d) those duties related to the finances of the Society not performed by the Students’ Union or any other person or organisation on behalf of the Society, including those duties related to
(i) payroll;
(ii) the payment of bills;
(iii) the receipt of monies;
(iv) the management of bank accounts, including the making of deposits; and
(v) the management of any investments held by the Society are performed in a timely fashion.

Finance Committee and budget preparation
  1. The Treasurer shall sit on the Finance Committee and shall preside at all and any meetings .
  2. The Treasurer shall oversee the preparation of the annual capital and operating budgets by the Finance Committee.

  1. The Treasurer shall prepare a full and detailed report of receipts and disbursements to be submitted to the Directors at each Meeting of the Board.

  1. In lieu of an Auditor, the Treasurer may submit to the Membership at each Annual General Meeting a statement duly audited of the financial position of the Society.
  2. The Treasurer shall ensure that four (4) copies of the audited financial statement of the Society are submitted to the Secretary, one each of which shall
(a) accompany the annual return of the Society filed with the Registrar of Corporations;
(b) be provided to the General Manager of the Students’ Union prior to the end of September, so as to
be entered into the public record;
(c) be forwarded as a courtesy to the University’s Vice President Finance; and
(d) be filed in the records of the Society.